Scott Loftus

Creative Director


1.Thank you: Amtrak Guest Rewards Members

The Problem:
How do you show 10 Million Amtrak Guest Rewards members appreciation for well, being members?

2. What kind of Jazz are you?

The Problem:
Xerox, wanted to showcase their business solutions to the jazz goers as title sponsor of jazz festival in downtown Rochester, NY. They didn’t really know how to approach it. With over 5000 different artists performing at the festival, Xerox, would probably be the last things on their minds.

3. So Kodak

The Problem:
Kodak’s point and shoot cameras were being threatened to be pulled from the shelves of Best Buy and Walmart. Given a month to concept, produce and place media, this campaign saved Kodak from the chopping block and raised sales by 35% in the first quarter alone.

4. Yeah, you’re that distracting.

The Problem:
Rochester, NY like many places on earth is faced with increasing numbers of accidents caused by cell phone use. There seemed to be a ton of national campaigns targeting the driver, that hadn’t been too successful locally.

5. First Ascent

The Problem:
Eddie Bauer was once know for outfitting some of the most famous expeditions in the world. Through the years, the company had lost its path. They were no longer at the top of the mountain. In fact they weren’t even close to the base.

6. Silence is Golden

The Problem:
Best Buy wanted to raise awareness that they sell cell phones in-store and online, from all the major providers.

6. Are you a Chief Optimist?

The Problem:
Xerox wanted to talk directly to several of their potential clients in healthcare, government, higher education and financial institutions on the products and services they offer that could help them develop their business solutions. Many of these institutions looked at Xerox as really just a copier company, and even less as a positive role in their businesses.

7. Little Trees

The Problem:
A lot of people recognize the shape of their product, but not the name of their product.



Best Buy


The Xerox International Jazzfest gets national and international recognition.

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